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Media Buying Academy

Media Buying Academy (MBA) provides personalized, professional media skills training to buyers/planners, trainees, account service staff, brand management and sales reps at all experience levels, covering the entire media spectrum with emphasis on the kinds of practical skills and working procedures that only an experienced mentor could provide. The basic 4-day and one-evening "BootCamp" is structured in five "stand alone" subject areas, each a full eight-hour day (except Internet which is 3 hours in the evening 6 - 9 p.m.), delivered in a small class environment geared to the specific mix of skills in each group, with plenty of room for questions, discussions, and a series of real-world exercises and tests.

The "hands-on," this-is-how-you-do-it" core curriculum that's offered in most of the top 50 markets consist of:

Day One - Basics of Research, Industry Terminology, Negotiation Tactics, Sales Techniques, Ethics, and Communications

Day Two - Drills deeply into researching, selecting, negotiating, and managing Radio effectively, including value-added and posting. This is true "hands-on" "how-to-buy" instruction -- not just theory.

Day Two (Evening) - This full evening program covers the basics of Internet Advertising Buying -- everything from site selection to negotiation to response analysis and schedule management.

Day Three - Focuses solely on TV and Cable TV skills and processes. This class is "hands-on" instruction in the tricks of the trade that the pros use.

Day Four - Covers Newspaper, Outdoor/Transit, Theatre, Consumer and Business Publications, plus Media Planning Tips -- all with a "here's what you do" teaching approach.

The majority of our Senior Instructors stay with us for many years, however, on occasion we might have a need to replace an Instructor for one or more reasons. For example, one Senior Instructor left us to pursue a career in Real Estate. Another left us because her husband missed her too much when she was gone. Another left us because she couldn't cope with the constant traveling. One had a heart attack in our Atlanta class and needed to slow down a bit for health reasons. More than half of our Instructors have been with us for more than ten years.

Our Instructors need to have 15 to 20 years of media buying experience, the ability to teach with enthusiasm, and a love for the industry. They must be thoroughly versed in all of the subject matters that are taught in the curriculum and be able to answer questions students might have about the various media types and the way they are bought. Our Instructors must be highly professional. They represent Media Buying Academy, and we are very picky about who we allow to teach our curriculum.

Our Instructors tell us, in July of each year, how many 4 1/2 day classes they would like to teach for the upcoming year. If they have city preferences, such as parents in Phoenix or a sister in Denver, they let us know so that we can hopefully give them the cities they would like to travel to. They teach five to twelve classes a year, depending upon how much time they are willing to allocate away from their own businesses. (All of our Instructors have their own buying services.)

Our Instructors are hired as independent contractors, however, MBA pays for their hotel room, the meeting room and all food and beverages necessary for the class, and their airfare. We also pick up cab fare or shuttle costs to and from the hotel.

If you are interested in applying for the next possible opening, kindly submit your resume, complete with references to:  We will reply promptly and let you know if we have a need for another Instructor at that time.

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