Media Buying Academy’s Updated Workbooks    

We add new content to our Boot Camp curriculum and workbooks regularly to reflect changes in the marketplace.  

Our senior instructors, each a seasoned entrepreneur in media buying, continue to deliver real-world knowledge and skills that enable you to excel at media buying.  

An alumna from a 2010 class recently sent me an email asking about our new Boot Camp workbooks and curriculum. She signed-up for a refresher course in her area of advertising and media buying after hearing about the new content added to both.

Boot Camp alumni know the market continually evolves and changes. Those who have taken our course again are pleased with the added value they receive from our revised curriculum and the new MBA workbooks themselves.

Indeed, our content has never been fresher or more current!  

If you attended a MBA Boot Camp prior to 2011, now is your chance to learn the latest media buying information to help make your 2018 an outstanding year.

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Media Buying Academy Logo Who are we?

Since 1993, our top-drawer media professionals have broken new ground with:

Our acclaimed 4 1/2-day / 5-part Media Buying BootCamp -- the world's only "real-world," "hands-on," "this-is-how-you-do-it," media buying course. From novice to seasoned veteran, from the basics to tricks of the trade the pros use, no stone is left unturned in this dynamic, intense, information-packed curriculum.

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Boot Camp Book Curriculum

Take the full 4 1/2-Day media buying program for optimum media buying training and knowledge ....or customize your own class schedule, selecting only the days you feel you need, detailed below. Students who enroll in the full 4 1/2-Day Media Buying Program will "graduate" with total confidence in their ability to analyze, plan and negotiate the best value for their clients or company in any mix of media.

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City Pencil Class schedules

Classes are held Monday through Thursday. Dates and cities are tentative and are subject to change at short notice. Some classes are held in nearby suburbs.

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Lee Morrow Instructors

Lee Morrow developed the Media Buying course. With over 35 years in the business of buying and selling advertising media, Ms. Morrow has literally "done it all", and helped a generation of younger media professionals on the job learn the skills and professional standards that have become hallmarks of her career.

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Shaking Hands References

It is always comforting to speak with someone who has already attended the course to get their take on it. Please feel free to call anyone listed under our References Section to find out, directly from a past attendee, what that person got from the class, what that person thought of the class, and whether or not that person would recommend our classes to someone else.

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Advertisers who have attended MBA

You could spend the next FOUR YEARS struggling to turn a novice Media staffer into a combat-wise Pro......or you could let us do it IN FOUR DAYS!

Which way do you think your Clients would prefer?

Big or small -- Agency or Advertiser -- If you're hiring......transferring.....or trying to train for Media Planning/Buying positions, we have several ways to help you do it better.

Media Buying Auditors - A division of the Media Buying Academy specializing in broadcast (radio and television) and print, post analyses and full-scale audits. Extremely thorough, detailed posts and audits.
Media Buying Authorities - A media buying boutique performing all facets of media buying, planning, placement, and posting functions for a select list of advertisers and agencies. Also specializes in the critiquing of in-place or proposed media plans and buys.
Media Buying Assistance - A temporary media help organization which assists agencies and advertisers by supplying experienced, knowledgeable media professionals on a temporary basis to assist with work overflows, large projects, and fill-in positions while permanent employees are on leaves of absence, on vacation, or out ill.

When it comes to training media buyers and planners, no one does it better than the Media Buying Academy. We don't just teach formulas, number crunching, and terminology. We teach our students how to take control of the media buying process......from "doing your homework before the rep ever walks into your office," to comparing "apples to apples," to powerful, proven, negotiating techniques. Let's face it. The dirty little secret in Media today is still buyer inexperience and lack of training. Four and a half tough days at any BootCamp session will put those worries to rest. We don't just bring your people "up to speed," we set them apart from the mediocre buying professionals who only "think" they know what they're doing!

Whether you need to train....hire....test....evaluate staff, or need to set up or reorganize your Media Department......we want to be the first call you make. We can give you a competitive edge -- with current clients, or pitching new business. Don't take our word for it. Read what our students have to say about us!

As our past students so boldly put it:

  • "Excellent! I learned more in 4 1/2 days than being in the business for 5 years!"
  • "The class was very enlightening. It offers an understanding of how to buy media effectively in order to get the best value for your money!"
  • "Wow! It's time to get smart about buying and placing media!"
  • "Excellent course...I learned volumes!"
  • "The first day summed up my ten week media course in college!"
  • "A wealth of information for the beginner! Great investment!"
  • "Fantastic! No where else could I learn this much about media buying!"
  • "Very in-depth! We covered in 4 1/2 days what took me 3 years in college!"
  • "Class was great! Tons of information that is relevant to what I do on a daily basis. I've learned at least 3 techniques that will save lots of time!"
  • "As a freelancer, I don't work with other media professionals on a daily basis. This workshop gave me the opportunity to learn more from someone who had more expertise and experience than I did. I am very glad that I came!"
  • "Great! It helped me to put all the pieces together and I got a chance to really get into the mind set of a buyer/planner."
  • "Look out Media Account Reps, I'm armed and dangerous now!"
  • "Worth every penny! This course put me in control and will save my company money!"
  • "Very effective! The detail into which each medium was broken down made many issues suddenly make sense. I have gained so much more confidence in my abilities to buy more effectively!"
  • "I feel much more secure in what I do and how much further I can go in this field. Thank you!"
  • "I was so impressed with the thoroughness of the material, explanations, 'war stories', and presentation."
  • "Very informative! I didn't know anything about buying before and now I'm very comfortable."
  • "This was a great course for me. I knew very little about buying radio before the course and now I feel that I have the basic ammunition to make a buy!"
  • "Professionally empowering! This course offers some fabulous information which will be extremely useful to my agency's clients!"
  • "This is the best seminar I have ever attended!"
  • "Very solid conceptual presentation and good hands on practice problems. Excellent use of real world situations and how to benefit from them and/or improve them."
  • "This was a very informative course and one that I would recommend anyone in media planning to take. I really had no idea where to start, and therefore, could have cost the client more than necessary."
  • "Very effective! The details into which each medium was broken down made many issues suddenly make sense. I came to the course to gain more confidence in my abilities, and I'm leaving with more clarity as to what and why I should do to be effective."
  • "Very good class - I definitely could not do good media buying without this instruction."


MBA, 2222-B Kauffman Road, New Windsor, MD 21776 Phone/Fax 443 671 1342 Email mediabuyingacademy@hughes.net
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